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Architecture & Design

  • Gather requirements.
  • Identify use cases, interactions, and scenarios.
  • Draw out a high and low level architecture.
  • Front-end and BaaS design.

E2E Development

  • Leverage in-house and open source libraries.
  • Optimize CPU and memory performance.
  • Code versioning via Git. Bug tracking via JIRA.
  • Continuous integration using Travis or Jenkins.

Test & Launch

  • Test driven development.
  • Unit and black box testing.
  • Analytics integration.
  • Release and maintainence in the app store.


Hear My Baby audio baby monitor.

  •    Use your home's wireless (WiFi) network to monitor your baby with two devices.

  •    Never miss a call from your iPhone that's by your baby.

  •    Get alerts if the battery runs low on the phone or tablet next to your baby.

  •    Talk to your baby and soothe them back to sleep from your parent device.

  •    Supports iPad, iPod, and iPhone.

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Kunance turns first-time homebuyers into pros.

  •    Compare personalized income tax savings across homes.

  •    Your profile and homes are stored securely in the cloud.

  •    Share results with family and realtors.

The RealReal is a premier online luxury resale store.

  •    Developed and launched three apps to enhance the mobile shopping experience.

  •    Browse, add to cart, and checkout items you like.

  •    Search using keywords. Filter by category.

  •    Ability to sign-in or sign-up using Facebook from your mobile device.